When Equality Is At Hand

By Jaicel Chyle Madronio / Illustration By Angel Dorothy Flores

But when on Earth did a King let a slave conquer his kingdom
Nor a slave given an offer of marriage from the royalties
In the world of dukes and duchess, all is well and at peace
On the flip side, people duels on God-knows-what
Chances to live on the next days to become

I believe, not a single creature in the world
Has not ever dreamt of success in life
Fancy wardrobe, millions of cash, and joy at height
Anyhow, success exists in the daydreams of all
Whether you may already be sleeping in the bed of roses
Or raking banknotes every day to achieve your causes

Allow me to shed light on my insights

On my behalf, I’ve never lived in a fancy castle
Nor had a tiara above my head
I wouldn’t even dare to spend millions
Just to acquire exquisite diamonds
Because, in my expedition to forever
I’d not be needing tons of those that only glimmers

Power is a dangerous and perilous ability
Yet, humans are abled with it for civility
Into an extent that a ladder defines a being
And as cruel it may be, the bottom seeks freeing

I am to tell you one thing that is true

It doesn’t matter if it must matter to you
But this is let alone to happen soon
When the time comes
That you and me will share the same status
It’s six feet under, from the kingdoms and slums
Where at once we see each other at the same pace
Having no single possession brought with the caskets
But all buried known to be bodies regardless of classes

As been said, we have the power
To do, create, and even destroy
It is upon us to choose from hopeful or dreadful upshots
Will this world be a division of castles from hovels?
Or could we make the land and seas be the home to all classes?