Slow Down

By Noreen Nicole G. Flores

Illustration by Joshua C. Edrosolam

At the end of the day

At the end of the day
I hope that someday
That in another day
It won’t be as bad as today

Kept hidden is the truth that lies beneath
If you choose not to believe, I don’t have to repeat
If I lose people who choose to see the other side of the moon
I don’t have to rotate the moon to reveal what I mourn

Stars revealed what is kept within
What I saw is a vague picture that I avoid to whine
Losing the heat will only shun the bound
So I flee with the ice but the tables had turned around

It was like an earthquake that left a damage
But I’m standing up so I can still manage
To remain standing in uneven plane
And to do my best not to frustrate and complain

You will never know what is behind your back
If you’re at the front not looking back
I still hold on that even though today is not my day
Someday it will not be as bad as today.