Rejuvenating the mindset of Psych Majors: Psychology Society holds online forum “Psych Talk, Psych Listens”

By: Alvin Joshua D. Jaurigue

Keeping the fire burning among Psychology majors and aspirants, the New Era University College of Arts and Sciences’ (NEU-CAS) Psychology Society held an online forum entitled “Psych Talks, Psych Listens: Instilling Inspiration for Success and Development of Psychology Majors” on April 30, 2021. The online forum consisted of inspirational talks from the Psychology Department alumni.

“Every semester, we make sure that the Psychology Department has events even though we are in the new normal situation. This event is different from other events we had because it instills inspiration in psychology students and aspiring psychology majors. Through the different speakers, as well as the success stories of our alumni, it will surely give a big impact on our students,” Psychology Society Adviser Bill Chislev J. Cabrera said.

Dr. Thelma L. Santos, Psychology Department coordinator, said in her opening remarks: “Today’s webinar will help you clear up many things. Parents, teachers, and best friends may help you. It is up to you to pick up the challenges along the way. Gather all you can about your choice and you may be able to decide wisely on your own, if not, you can always call a friend.”

Psychology students also shared why they chose the psychology course. Christine Pangilinan, a second-year psychology student said, “For me, it is a good start or step to enter this field if you are still finding yourself for it will help you so much and at the same time you can learn.”

Two keynote speakers, Professor Cristina Era S. Reyes and Brother Melencio G. Marcos, shared their experiences in this course and gave some advice to motivate the psychology majors to continue their journey.

“There are lots of readings required in our degree, I advise all the students who are taking Psychology that you must develop the patience of reading because it is part of the learning process. I realized also that it is not really about the knowledge that we need but it is the skills that will remain on you,” Professor Cristina Era said.

Brother Melencio also shared, “It’s not that easy to find yourself and decide on who you want to be in this world, what contribution you want to leave in the society as an individual. It takes a lot of errors in life. There are times where you will continuously fall.” He also said that psychology helps you to be understanding and not judgmental.