NEU welcomes Vietnamese Ambassador, hosts cultural concert

By Eric Gabriel M. Along

Vietnam Ambassador to the Philippines, H.E. Ly Quoc Tuan delivers his opening speech (Photo Courtesy: Multimedia Office)

ANOTHER FOREIGN AMBASSADOR visited New Era University (NEU)—this time, he came from Vietnam. The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the Philippines, His Excellency Ly Quoc Tuan, visited NEU on September 3, 2019. With him was the Spring Band from the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

            The students, faculty members, and officials of the University avidly welcomed the delegates with cheers and flags of the socialist nation. The leadership of the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) also attended the occasion held at

the University Hall.

            H.E. Ly acclaimed the multi-billion-dollar economic and strategic partnership between Vietnam and the Philippines. The ambassador also noted the strong family values and resilience that the Vietnamese and Filipinos have. The two countries, he said, share a national identity defined by a history of struggle for independence.

            After his speech, the Spring Band performed Vietnamese folk songs with the đàn bầu (monochord one-string zither), the đàn T’rưng (traditional bamboo xylophone), the đàn tam thập lục (36-string hammered dulcimer), the bamboo flute, the đàn tỳ bà (four-string guitar), and other Vietnamese percussion instruments.

             Their enchanting traditional oriental music brought the attendees to a vibrant vista of Vietnam. When the band finished rendering their repertoire, the musicians featured their instruments and gave the students a chance to interact with them.

            The NEU students and faculty members learned more about the culture of our Vietnamese friends. The historic visit also showed the international guests the warm hospitality of the NEU community. “Our university upholds the ASEAN spirit. [I hope that] it [will] leave a positive remark to the delegates who witnessed this successful event,” a B.S. Computer Science student said.

            Jessie Julia Cababarros, a sophomore B.S. Psychology student, shared what she learned: “As a musician, I am amazed … [that] Vietnam is still very much in contact with their traditional music. I admire the Vietnamese culture, which is still very much alive in their country, in their customs, and in their people.”