NEU-JPIA co-hosts Academic Conference East Featuring Attax Master 2021

By Winjen Arl B. Perez

To conclude the series of the Academic Conference Featuring Attax Master, the National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants National Capital Region Council (NFJPIA-NCRC) held an academic conference with the theme “Relentless: Click Resume to Continue” in the NCR east district on May 23, 2021. The New Era University Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NEU-JPIA) co-hosted the said event together with JPIA Quezon City University Chapter and the University of the Philippines JPIA from May 22 to 23, 2021.

The keynote speakers at the academic conference are Mr. Jun Cuaresma, CPA, managing partner & chief operating officer of P&A Grant Thornton, and Mr. Karim Abitago, CPA, a reviewer at Real Excellence Online CPA Review, handling the subjects Financial and Reporting (FAR) and Management Advisory Services (MAS).

Mr. Cuaresma discussed the CPA career roadmap that he prepared “to provide a realistic picture of the Accountancy Profession, its role to the community, but focusing on future career opportunities of CPAs”. He emphasized that “[the] decision as to which direction you will take upon graduation is very critical because it will solidify the foundation as you move towards your journey to become a very successful CPA professional, and there’s nothing wrong to be ambitious even at the earliest stage of your career life”.

Mr. Abitago, Top 1 in May 2016 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examinations (CPALE), shared his CPA journey and gave tips to the participants on how to pass the CPALE. He pointed out that consistent practice makes retention. “You need to consistently apply what you’ve learned, consistently, and constantly … The opposite of success is not failure. However, failure is an ingredient of success as we learn something from it,” Mr. Karim said.

The Attax Master is an eminent tax quiz bee competition open to all bona fide members of NFJPIA-NCR. 36 local chapters with a total of 550 participants joined the Attax Master Elimination Round. The three representatives from NEU are Leah Jean Gaba, Princess Joy Malbas, and Cristen Junna Dacera. Along with nine other contestants, Cristen Junna Dacera advanced to the semi-final round.