NEU hosts 1st Filipino IDEAS Expo

By Dave Jonathan F. Trinidad

Dr. Rosas receives a Certificate of Appreciation from ISP. (Photo Courtesy: Multimedia Office)

INNOVATIONS AND INVENTIONS filled the multi-purpose hall of the Professional Schools Building last September 28-29, 2019 as the Inventors School of the Philippines (ISP) and the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) collaborated with New Era University (NEU) to hold the first Filipino IDEAS Expo. “IDEAS” stands for “Innovation, Design, Enterprise, Application, and Solutions”. They also teamed up with the Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) and the Manila Young Inventors Association (MYIA).

The event was co-sponsored by various companies from the government and private sectors.

The expo highlighted the product creativity of Filipino enthusiasts on inventing and innovating. Schools from all over Metro Manila were invited to feature their students’ projects and inventions. Themed “Challenging Young Minds to Create,” the participants featured environment-friendly alternatives, commercial products, instruments specifically designed for differently-abled people, and mechanisms that bring convenience in daily life.

On the first day of the event, participants lined up in stalls to showcase their projects. Visitors were allowed to roam inside the venue and interact with participants. One of the eye-catching inventions  was the “Photobioreactor” created by ninth-grade students from Ramon Magsaysay High School. As explained by Kathrina Nicole L. Hernandez, one of its creators, the Photobioreactor is a device that absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen through photosynthesis by using algae as the medium. The data revealing how much carbon dioxide was removed from the surrounding air can be seen on a laptop with an Arduino-based program coded by the team.

Awarding ceremonies were held on the second day of the expo. The students from Senator Rene Cayetano Science and Technology High School garnered the most points with their “Shells for Biodiesel Production” project, making them first placers.

Dr. Nilo L. Rosas, NEU president, thanked the DOST and ISP for spearheading the expo. 

Working behind the scenes of the first Filipino IDEAS Expo was NEU’s newly established school organization, the Technology Research Innovation Council of Eraians (TRICE). Its members served as receptionists in the two-day event. Established this school year 2019-2020, TRICE is composed of student-enthusiasts in the field of technology innovation and research under the advisory of Prof. Audrey Lyle dM. Diego and the leadership of the current president, Leidryn Saludez.

Some of its missions and goals are the following: develop future leaders and entrepreneurs of technology, provide helpful and highly essential activities to level up students’ knowledge in different fields of its degree programs, and disseminate vital technical information in order to develop a well-rounded professional.