NEPAS holds PAtalk: Public Policy 101 “The Resiliency of Filipinos in The Midst of Pandemic”

By Jaicel Chyle Madronio

Recognizing the sudden surge of COVID-19 cases within the past few weeks, the New Era Public Administration Society (NEPAS) held a webinar, PAtalk: Public Policy 101 “The Resiliency of Filipinos in The Midst of Pandemic” on March 30, 2021, with Dr. Maria Rosario Vergeire, the DOH spokesperson, as their guest speaker.

In response to the heightening health crisis, the national government enabled a local government-led people-centered response with the acronym of P- prevent, D- detect, I- Isolate, T-treat, R- reintegrate, and + as plus immunization, which remains as cornerstones of COVID-19 response.

Dr. Vergeire’s talk capitalized on the responsibility of the public in controlling the spread of the pandemic. “It is not enough that we know the right thing to do to protect ourselves from COVID-19. We must educate other people too,” she emphasized.

The healthcare facilities, as described by Dr. Vergeire, are becoming overwhelmed. 44.2% of ward beds, 44.0% of isolation beds, 56.8% of ICU beds, and 35.1% of mechanical ventilators are already occupied as of March 28.

In addition, the country has a total of 9,979 Mega Temporary Treatment Monitoring Facilities (Mega-TTMFs) with 128,410 beds having a 16% occupancy rate, while the 10 Mega-TTMFs in NCR, Region 3, and Region 7—where most COVID-19 cases come from—have already reached 75% occupancy rate as of March 27.

In her words, DOH started genomic biosurveillance to detect the variants at the beginning of 2021 and conducted genome testing of COVID-19 samples with the UP Philippine Genome Center. To date, the DOH has sequenced 4,350 COVID-19 positive samples and continues to sequence more samples for investigations.

Due to the limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines globally, a prioritization framework with the guidance of WHO and advice of experts is being utilized. The DOH is currently in the process of “master listing” the priority groups, especially in the NCR+ Bubble, based on the qualifications indicated in the said framework.

“I am inviting everyone to be advocates of the right information. Let us contribute to our nation’s vaccine deployment program by increasing vaccine confidence in our country,” Dr. Vergeire emphasized. In the end, Dr. Vergeire also reiterated the essential roles of the public in battling the pandemic. “With the appearance of new variants and the rising COVID-19 cases, we call on everybody to follow the enhanced public health standards,” she said.

NEU yields 100% passing rate in the Physician Licensure Exam

By Karl Osric R. Mendoza

In the first ever participation of New Era University in the Physician Licensure Examination, it once again proved its outstanding performance in the field of medicine as NEU achieves 100% passing rate in the Physician Licensure examination.

The12 takers of NEU passed the Physician Licensure Examinations in their first take according to the results released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last September 19, 2019. Of the 4,716 takers, 4,006 passed the exam which was held in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao.

 Here are the names of the licensure examination takers from NEU:

  1. Aberin, Alekzandra Mitzi E.
  2. Arenas, Luz Virginia Lugin S.
  3. Caraig, Jianina Marie M.
  4. Caspe, Kriselda Mae M.
  5. Collado, Diane Angela R.
  6. Estrera, Jane D.
  7. Galamay, Mary Grace T.
  8. Gonzales, Dee Jay L.
  9. Kasek Cherlane J.
  10. Pascual, Eloisa Rose Y.
  11. Purigay, Peejay T.
  12. Victa, Jan Denzel O.

The NEU Family sends its sincerest regards to the College of Medicine especially to the people who dedicated their time and effort in training the takers: Dr. Genesis Rivera for his tireless and arduous efforts in training the first takers; and Dr. Teresita Estabillo, the first dean of the college, for laying the foundation of the college today and shaping the network and assistance to the examinees; and the entire teaching force of the college.

With this another feat for the university, Dr. Rivera said: “An outstanding performance from our first batch of medical graduates! 100% passing rate at the medical board… Now is the time to bring back all honor to Him! Your hard work and perseverance paid off and all our prayers heard.”