HUDYAT goes online!

By Uriel K. Tumanan

This is the editorial of HUDYAT magazine , 1st Semester A.Y. 2018-2019.
Posted on February 1, 2021 upon relaunching of the HUDYAT website.

Ah, where would we be without these services?

The internet has vastly improved the quality of living in this fast-paced, globalized world, at least for the past decade. It is a project accomplished not by one man, but by many minds and countless fingers that have dabbled in the field of technology to bring us the pleasure and convenience that we are currently basking in. Nowadays, internet access has become a precious commodity rather than a needless want.

The internet remains to be the greatest invention of man, whose feats are unparalleled by any human invention when it comes to speed, extensiveness of network and possessing the keys of the “gatekeeper” who has been tasked with guarding the entirety of human knowledge with its coded language and algorithm. Its utilization as a medium of lightning-fast communication is unequaled by any other medium, connecting billions of people with just the click of a button.

It would be nonsensical if we are not to harness its power.

Along this line of thinking, New Era University (NEU), with its vision to inculcate a unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline, and service to humanity, while providing a world-class level of instruction and utilizing the instruments in its disposal, has recognized the potential of using the internet to bring its voice to the students, and has made a platform for every NEU constituent to make his/her voice heard.

Hudyat aims to bring the latest news about our school’s various activities, and provide updates on the on-and-off-campus seminars and programs that we publish in every semester. With one tap, you can now access the Hudyat website to read about the latest articles on student affairs, campus events, and informative articles that will surely pique your curiosity.

To be able to cope with the fast-changing needs and demands of today’s world, we have to keep learning and take gradual, but decisive actions toward a technology-literate, competent, and well-rounded society. We in Hudyat, recognize that traditional approaches will forever have a space at our disposal, for old-fashioned mediums such as newspapers, journals, and magazines have brought us to where we are now, but it is high time we embrace the use of, and utilize the vast plethora of technology so freely available to us.

Assimilation and integration is the name of the game.

The zeitgeist of the times is one of exuberant longing of the past, a craving to be present, and an eagerness to get a glimpse of tomorrow.

Ride the waves, and breathe in, for the breath of a new voice is coming!