HR Trends for 2021 and Beyond: HRSS launches HR Masterclass webinar series

By Angel Dorothy Flores

The Human Resource Self Service (HRSS) under the New Era University College of Business Administration hosted a Human Resources Masterclass webinar series with the theme, “HR Trends for 2021 and Beyond” on April 29, 2021.

Professor Carl Romualdo Espallardo, the HRSS coach adviser and a technical assistant in the Office of the Human Resources (HR) Head Social Security System, discussed the employee life cycle, the job application process, and what happens inside the company. He also elaborated on the recruitment or selection method, onboarding or the welcoming of the organization, training and development, recognition, and termination of the retirement phase.

“We should be professional [and] act professional,” Professor Carl said upon explaining that attitude is an attribute to get hired these days. “Knowledge can be trained, but attitude is hard to train.” He also talked about the future trends after the pandemic, where changes in the global HR will technically help both employees and employers. “To be ready in adaptation for the changing and diverse workforce is the key to being a good employee,” he pointed out.

The second keynote speaker, Professor Joseph Estrada, an HR professor and practitioner, tackled what to expect and what’s happening now in HR. “The company’s success and downfall will always start with the HR—that’s how important our profession is,” Professor Joseph said. He lectured about the important tools to become the best employee and the focus points of being in the HR profession to keep the company stable: individual and organizational resilience, organizational trust and safety, creativity and innovation, data literacy, and human-machine partnerships.

Addressing the current situation amidst the pandemic, Professor Carl ended the discussion by saying, “There are lots of changes happening right now in our workplace, that’s why we should be equipped with the right skills and knowledge, so whatever problems and challenges we encounter, we will be strong and resilient.”