Guerrero Dos: Tuloy ang Laban

By Biyaya P. Cantor

Image Source: Eagle News

AS MIGUEL GUERRERO (Julio Caesar Sabenorio) recited his poem in class—a poem about his elder brother Ramon whom he admires—the latter threw punches in his boxing rematch. Little did they know that life would throw them the strongest punch yet. 

            Following the internationally-renowned 2017 film Guerrero, EBC Films and the multi-awarded director Carlo Ortega Cuevas present Guerrero Dos: Tuloy ang Laban (“The Fight Continues”). Another round of tears, laughs and inspiration, the movie centers on Miguel two years after his brother fell into coma.

            The film begins with the cheerful Miguel greeting everyone he comes across the hospital, where he and his mother Naida (Dahlia Talavera) patiently wait for Ramon to wake up. Guerrero Dos welcomes new characters into the story. Grandpa Ruben (Art De Guzman) catches the attention of the hospital people with his feisty and grumpy attitude. His wife Delia suffers from depression after the death of their only son. Miguel keeps on approaching Ruben with his happy and bright aura despite the bitter trials he faces. Eventually, a unique and strong bond would grow between them.

            Nurse Liza Rivera (Mia Suarez) also takes on a promising role and a valuable lesson: We must be happy even if we don’t have what we want, but if we have the chance, we must choose to fight for what we love. Mang Cesar (Victor Neri), another hospital patient, encourages Miguel to have strong faith. “God can do anything,” he said. “If He wants to heal all who are sick here, He can certainly do that.” 

            The first film is filled with kilig vibes and cheesy pick-up lines, but Guerrero Dos: Tuloy ang Laban is focused on the more serious side of reality—the challenges and difficulties in life.

            This film is highly recommended to all ages, for it instills courage and faith. It willl make you laugh with witty jokes. It will make you cry with the heartache of loss. Most importantly, it will inspire all viewers with lessons and values.

            The movie teaches that when we are knocked down, we must fight and conquer all hardships. Like what Miguel told his comatose brother, “It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to get hurt. But I will never give up.” After all, we are all Guerreros—we are warriors who must brave the battle called life.