Finance and investment: NEU-JFINEXA holds webinar on financial literacy

By Lyka Marielle Abrejal

Intending to enhance financial literacy, the New Era University Junior Finance Executives Association (NEU-JFINEXA) held a webinar entitled, Financial Literacy Enrichment with the theme “League to Earn More” on April 23, 2021.

The JFINEXA President Marvin Bulahan said that the event’s goal is to raise awareness in finance and investments. “The JFINEXA aims to help out students how to manage and plan their finances among themselves,” he said. The webinar featured three financial experts: Ms. Slochin Gragas, Mr. Roy Anthony Bunag, and Mr. Edgar Dent Ngo. They discussed topics on behavioral finance, investments, and financial literacy, consecutively.

A PRU Life UK unit manager, Ms. Slochin Gragas, explained how emotions and behaviors affect financial habits. She emphasized using 4Ks (Kailangan, Kaya, Kagustuhan, at Kalooban) because this will support financial decisions. “Remember this 4Ks, [because] this will ensure [that] you will reach your financial goals,” she stated. Ms. Gragas also said that the best way to manage wealth is through investment.

Complementing Ms. Gragas’ talk, Mr. Roy Anthony Bunag, an investment manager of St. Peter Life Plan Inc., guided the students in the process of investor profiling. He stated that knowing these basics will help young people be ready in the future. Mr. Bunag explained the different types of investors and the importance of investment. “What you can do is to learn first. The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself,” he emphasized.

The next speaker, Mr. Edgar Dent Ngo, a senior financial advisor at AXA Philippines, discussed financial literacy as the highlight of the event. He shared experiences in his discussion about rules and concepts of financial education. “Do not invest in something you do not understand, [you should] consult a financial advisor if you can not manage [it],” he stated. Mr. Ngo quoted, “Financial literacy is not a side effect of wealth; wealth is the side effect of financial literacy.”

One of the Financial Management students, Ruzen Rañada shared, “The speakers included us in a very engaging talk, well-explained topics and full of real-life experiences. I am now aware of the interest percent, things to consider before going to an investment, the crucial understanding of investing in stocks, and different information about investing.” Another student, Celine Gonzales, added, “The webinar inspired me a lot. They taught us in investing per se, how to invest, and where we [should] invest as a beginner.”