CMD yields 100% passing rate in the Physician Licensure Exam

By Karl Osric R. Mendoza

IN THE FIRST-EVER PARTICIPATION of New Era University (NEU) in the Physician Licensure Examination, the graduates from the College of Medicine (CMD) proved their outstanding performance as they achieved a 100% passing rate in the said examination. The 12 takers from NEU passed the Physician Licensure Examination in their first take, according to the results released by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on September 19, 2019. Out of the 4,716 takers, 4,006 passed the exam.

            The successful examinees from NEU are the following: Alekzandra Mitzi E. Aberin, Luz Virginia Lugin S. Arenas, Jianina Marie M. Caraig, Kriselda Mae M. Caspe, Diane Angela R. Collado, Jane D. Estrera, Mary Grace T. Galamay, Dee Jay L. Gonzales, Cherlane J. Kasek, Eloisa Rose Y. Pascual, Peejay T. Purigay, and Jan Denzel O. Victa.

            The NEU family sends its sincerest regards to the College of Medicine, especially to the people who dedicated their time and effort: Dr. Genesis C. Rivera, for his tireless and arduous efforts in training the examinees; Dr. Teresita T. Estabillo, the first dean of the college, for laying the foundation of the college and shaping the network and assistance to the examinees; and the entire teaching force of the college.

            With this feat, Dr. Rivera said: “An outstanding performance from our first batch of medical graduates! One hundred percent passing rate at the medical board… Now is the time to bring back all honor to Him! Your hard work and perseverance paid off and all our prayers heard.”