CFL welcomes second batch of students for Certificate Program in Korean Language

By Megara C. Doroteo

The New Era University Center for Language (CFL) Studies welcomed its second batch of students for the Certificate Program in Korean Language on February 6, 2021.

Brother Zaldy Petorio, the CFL director, stated that the program aims to promote the language of different countries as the University strives to advance its global engagement. “We see the program promising with the presence of Ms. Loren Sarenas as our instructor. Having a college degree in Sociology and a master’s degree in ASEAN Studies, she effectively integrates the other aspects of culture in teaching the Korean language,” Brother Petorio said.

Ms. Loren Sarenas expressed how learning a language is connected with learning the culture of a country. “Language learning and culture are not simply related; they are intertwined. So we need to situate a language on the culture where it came from,” Ms. Sarenas stated.

She also shared the importance and advantages of learning a new language. “When I was looking for work, I realized the great advantage of learning the Korean language,” she said.