Center for Medical and Allied Health Sciences: A Realm of Success

By Dave Jonathan F. Trinidad

This is the editorial of HUDYAT magazine , 1st Semester A.Y. 2019-2020.
Posted on February 1, 2021 upon relaunching of the HUDYAT website.

The Year 2019 has been triumphant for New Era University (NEU) as it was graced with numerous achievements. Headlining the lists of accomplishments were the 100% board examination passing rates from the five colleges of the Center for Medical and Allied Health Sciences (CMAHS) under the tutelage of Dr. Genesis C. Rivera.

Cheerful applause goes to the colleges of Medicine, Medical Technology, and Respiratory Therapy for producing the first batches of graduates who attained one hundred percent passing rates in their first take in their respective September 2019 board examinations.

Meanwhile, the College of Nursing, which was integrated into CMAHS, also proved its excellent quality of education by continuously achieving 100% passing rate up to the recently held board exams in November 2019. Also, the College of Midwifery achieved 100% passing rate in the November 2019 board examinations—exceeding its previous cap.

With the 45th anniversary of our university coming in 2020, these accolades of CMAHS are surely among the things the school should be thankful for. In just five years since its establishment, CMAHS has already built an efficient academic culture that brings out the students’ best performances.

To the faculty and staff of the colleges under CMAHS, we extend our congratulations and gratitude for leading, inspiring, and mentoring your students through high-quality education. It must feel amazing to know that the students whom you taught for years are now professionals in their medical fields. Lastly, congratulations to all the newly registered medical practitioners! You deserve all the success in your professional careers as you worked tirelessly and sacrificed a ton just to have your licenses.

May the succeeding batches of students in NEU be inspired and motivated by your achievements. May your triumph continue as a trend in our beloved university, and may we never forget that the knowledge we gain and apply in our studies is provided by our Almighty God.

This article was included in the Hudyat A.Y. 2019-2020, 1st Semester issue.