The College of Medical Technology Under the Microscope

By Shenel Gem S. Casaysayan

Established in June 2015, the College of Medical Technology (CMT) is one of the colleges in the New Era University Center for Medical and Allied Health Sciences (NEU-CMAHS). From having one section per year level during its first few years, CMT now has the most students among the colleges in CMAHS. Its growth proves that the college provides quality education and an enjoyable college experience to aspiring future medical technologists.

CMT educates and fosters future medical frontliners with its thorough and extensive curriculum. BS Medical Technology is a four-year degree program that equips students with not only theoretical knowledge but practical skills in various laboratory tests as well. The said tests are used in clinical laboratory settings to detect, diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases. Being taught how to apply modern instruments and scientific methods, the students will master providing accurate and precise laboratory results.

Fourth-year medical technology students are further mentored during a one-year internship program in a clinical laboratory accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Interns are assigned rotational duties in the different sections, such as Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Microscopy, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), Immunology and Serology, Parasitology, Histopathologic/Cytological Techniques, and other emergent technologies. This program allows the students to gain first-hand experience in the clinical laboratory and practice what they have learned.

The current dean of CMT is Dr. Soledad L. Bautista RMT, and the current program coordinator is Mr. Neil Allen Elquinto, RMT. Under the guidance and care of the CMT administration and faculty, the college has had several achievements. The first batch of examinees from the pioneering CMT Class of 2019 achieved a 100% passing rate in the Medical Technology Licensure Examination in September 2019. The second batch of examinees from the CMT Class of 2019 and the first batch from the Class of 2020 garnered a passing rate of 66.67%.

CMT is an active participant in the various events the University hosts as well. On October 21, 2019, CMT joined the Mental Health Awareness 2019 parade and kick-off activity. Because medical technologists are also called medical laboratory scientists, it is not surprising to see that the CMT students created a research investigatory project for the NEU Science Fair 2019. Three freshmen from CMT participated in the annual National Book Week quiz bee in November 2019, winning second place. CMT’s representative for the spoken poetry competition emerged as the champion.

CMT’s student organization, the Supreme Association of Medical Technology Students (SAMeTS), has been actively spearheading numerous college activities. They organized academic clinics or tutoring sessions so that students in the higher year levels can teach their fellow students in subjects such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and mathematics. SAMeTS facilitates the annual White Coat Ceremonies as well. In this ritual, third-year medical technology students don their respective white coats and pins, signifying their transition from preclinical subjects to clinical subjects. On February 22–26, 2021, SAMeTS organized the college’s first MedTech Online Year Starter. This week-long event consisted of new activities like Meme Wars, “An Email from Me of the Past to You of the Future,” and the officers’ oath-taking ceremony.

Albeit CMT is a young college with so much to improve, it has been steadily growing in size and success. The college administration, faculty, and students all strove to overcome the difficulties the global pandemic brought. And with the motto of the CMAHS Executive Director, Dr. Genesis C. Rivera—”Excellence and Discipline”—CMT will be able to reach new heights.