CMT celebrates first MedTech Year Starter

By Shenel Gem S. Casaysayan and Rhea Duga-Duga

The College of Medical Technology (CMT) conducted the first MedTech Online Year Starter with the theme “Resiliency and the Address of Future Medical Technologists Amidst the Pandemic” from February 22 to 26, 2021.

The Supreme Association of Medical Technology Students (SAMeTS) chairperson, Mr. Vincent Gohann I. Escobar, acknowledged that the stressful first semester just ended. So, the organization wanted to spearhead an event that would not merely motivate them but would let them have fun as well. Aside from welcoming the new year, he said, “One of the main purposes of this week-long activity, is to get to bond with each other and interact with our co-katusoks.”

SAMeTS organized various activities—a poster-making competition; a slogan-making competition; Brain Wars; Meme Wars; An Email from Me of the Past to You of the Future; a two-day webinar series; and the officers’ oath-taking ceremony—to achieve their objective for this week-long event.

On February 22, the Grand Kick-Off audiovisual presentation signified the commencement of theweek-long event. An hour later, each section was encouraged to flex their minds in the Brain Wars. Participants simultaneously answered questions on anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and general knowledge on the Quizizz website.

In the afternoon, students voted for their favorite memes during the college’s first Meme Wars. By February 23, only 20 entries proceeded to the next round, and the battle for the top ten memes commenced. On February 24, it dwindled to six entries. On February 25, the top six memes went head to head for the champion title.

Throughout the week, students participated in the college’s first “An Email from Me of the Past to You of the Future.” For this activity, students sent an email to their future selves to a designated email address. When the students graduate, they will receive the email from their past selves.

For the first day of the webinar series on February 23, Dr. Aracelli Castillo, a dentist, served as the resource speaker. She shared tips on how to face challenges and how to adapt to changes by giving six keys to unleash and enhance the adaptability quotient. These include knowing your why, establishing a clear vision, having self-awareness, having the right mindset, considering different perspectives, and making intelligent decisions.

Dr. Castillo surveyed students to compare face-to-face classes and online classes. Her survey results showed that the many changes affected the studies of the students since the pandemic happened. Dr. Castillo encouraged them to face the challenges by adapting to those changes. She ended her speech by saying, “You are great, and you can make it.” The second speaker, Mr. Mike Robert V. Dizon, RMT, MLS, an influencer with the alias “Mighty Myke,” sent a video message to motivate the students to “work hard, and work for yourself, not for others.”

On February 24, the second day of the webinar series, the audience watched a video speech with the theme, “Complete Resiliency of MedTech Students Amidst Coping on New Normal” by Ms. Angelyn Nicole Tumanan, a medical student. She stated that it is significant to acknowledge the challenges and find ways to adapt to them. Ms. Tumanan also stressed the importance of maintaining a routine, going at your own pace, being grateful for everything, and trusting the process.

The next speaker, Mr. Dave Erwin M. Festin, AHSE, RN, RMT, discussed the “Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Personal Experiences and Motivational Deeds for Medical Technology Students.” Mr. Festin further explained the characteristics and symptoms of the disease and the differences among the COVID-19 tests.

The long-awaited Oath Taking Ceremony of the new SAMeTS officers for the A.Y. 2020-2021 took place on February 25. The previous SAMeTS officers and advisers were honored during this event as well. Ms. Merli Anne Joyce D. Caldito gave the first turn-over speech as the former SAMeTS’ Chairperson.

Mr. Ronaldo E. Puno, RMT, MBA-H, the Immediate Past President of the Philippine Association of Medical Technologists (PAMET), Inc and the current Vice President of the Biorisk Association of the Philippines, Inc., served as the keynote speaker during the oath-taking ceremony. He shared experiences in his discussion about strength-based leadership. He stated that a leader should foster and encourage his members’ strengths instead of fixing their weaknesses. During Mr. Puno’s terms as the president of PAMET, he established four cornerstones: advocating professional advancement, championing innovations, strengthening partnerships and collaborations, and epitomizing empowerment.

The week-long event concluded with an awarding ceremony on February 26. The Brain Wars winners are Angela Pabello, 1st place; Maurice Anne Franco, 2nd place; and Gwyneth Jewel Pilon, 3rd place. For the slogan-making competition, the winners are Eleyne Joyce C. Falame 1st place, Jamaica Rose C. Mabuti, 2nd place, and Anjela Marisse M. Estacio, 3rd place. The poster-making competition winners are Juliane Angela Angeles, 1st place; Anjela Marisse M. Estacio, 2nd place; and Crystal Queenie Ramos 3rd place. The victor of the Meme Wars is Cliff Gied P. Toroba.

The CMT program coordinator and SAMeTS adviser, Mr. Neil Allen Elquinto, RMT, stated that the MedTech Online Year Starter 2021 marked history by having new activities and accommodating five speakers for the webinar series and oath-taking ceremony.

After the event, the CMT Dean Dr. Soledad L. Bautista, RMT, acknowledged the efforts of the faculty and students. “I thank the faculty and the students, who despite the new normal, tried their best to cope up with the new normal [through] online classes,” she expressed. “I know this time [for] the second semester, we can now tackle our problems regarding these online classes better … More power to all of us.”