A Cup of Tea

By Eula Lhey M. Reyes / Illustration by Alexa Jean Torres

A new era has begun,
Timely reminder for everyone,
Awareness is what we need,
Our minds also in need of feed.


Mental issues have emerged,

Silent cries shall be heard,

Awareness should be pledge,

Communication will be the bridge.


Guided to the pathways of hope,

We must keep on holding to the rope,

Connected with one another,

The chain will not stop unless the stigma is over.


We need to strengthen the bind,

Help each other and protect your mind,

We must prioritize self-peace,

Self-love have never been selfish.


Fear and anxiety must be taken seriously,

It takes time but there is a recovery,

But then before loving and caring for others more,

You should not rip yourself apart to keep others whole.


Let us bring down the walls of stigma,

No one must be on the edge of dilemma,

Surrender was never an answer,

Be brave and speak over.


Take things what needs to be first,

You should always know you also need to burst,

Heal for yourself before aiding others’ glee,

‘Cause you can never pour from an empty cup of tea.